Lieberman concedes

Sen. Lieberman D-CT conceded defeat in the Democratic primary just a little while ago to his Democratic opponent Ned Lamont. He said he will run as an independent. The Lieberman campaign has been petitioning to get him on the ballot as an independent, if he chose to continue his campaign after his anticipated loss. Lieberman said they will be turning in their petitions tomorrow, which is the last day they can do so.

So, it’s off to the races again for Lieberman. This time the finish line is the November election, for his job. He will not have the advantage of receiving money from the Democratic Party, as that will go to Lamont. Lieberman no doubt has a war chest, but he may need contributions. After his concession speech he asked people of all political stripes, if they are interested in his campaign to please contribute. It’ll be interesting to see what his political rhetoric starts to look like as the influence of others starts to make itself felt in his campaign.

That brings me to my next topic. It’s been widely reported today that Lieberman’s web site came under attack, a denial of service attack (commonly called a DOS for short). Lieberman said today he has asked that this incident be investigated. He said that people can make a contribution at his web site “when it has been unhacked.” Indeed.


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