Clarifications in case

I heard on CNN on Saturday that while John Karr thought he was sending messages to Patsy Ramsey, before she died, his messages were in fact being diverted to law enforcement. She did not read them.

The story about the “mystery” doll has been fleshed out a little further. It was a teddy bear in what was probably JonBenet’s bedroom. A DA who helped out in the case 9 years ago said on the news that John and Patsy Ramsey didn’t recognize the doll at first, but later remembered that it was hers. Given the new evidence, though, it might be prudent to have the doll tested anyway. Given the irrational and eratic behavior of the murderer, it’s possible that the one they found was in fact the perpetrator’s. I only say this because Karr has apparently admitted he had the same doll as a child. Maybe he had it at the time of the murder.

Karr also sent e-mails to C.U. journalism professor Michael Tracy. I’m not clear on this, but it sounds like the investigation began with the e-mails law enforcement received from Dr. Tracy. He was contacted by Karr about a year ago, because he had produced a few documentaries on the JonBenet case. Tracy carried on a correspondence with Karr from then until recently, forwarding e-mails he received to law enforcement.


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