W.H.O. decides in favor of science over dogma

From Accuracy in Media, the World Health Organization has approved of using the DDT pesticide to control malaria-bearing mosquitoes, particularly in Africa where the problem is worst.

Michael Crichton has been on a campaign about this for at least a few years. It turns out the hysteria over DDT back in the 1960s was just that. It was not based on scientific evidence. Like other chemical substances the safety or danger of using it may depend on how people are exposed to it. The article says that experiments were done in the 1950s where people ate DDT and showed no ill health effects. I haven’t done a detailed study of it, but inhaling it might be a different matter. As was revealed when the movie “Erin Brockovich” came out, Chromium 6 only causes certain health problems, and only when it is inhaled. When it is ingested (eaten or drunk), or exposed to the skin it causes no ill effects. This is because the negative effects are caused by the chemical’s interaction with certain tissues, not all tissues, in the body.

In any case, it is good to see something that can help be used in a region that has been ravaged by malaria.


3 Responses to W.H.O. decides in favor of science over dogma

  1. Cy says:

    Jeez! Good information. So Rachel Carson was just another Green-Fascist. I had thought that she was a genuine green misinterpreted by inferior disciples. Hey, maybe I ought to have actually read her book Silent Spring in the 1960s? I merely read the review in The Observer. It was the start of the anti-technology, anti-industry, anti-science, anti-business guerilla war.

    So the problem is just spraying when and where poor victims can breathe DDT in. My experience of workplaces over the years was that when safety protocols are in place, in whatever connection, the workers and the management co-operate fully in countering the efforts of any intelligent people that might be at hand (thee or me) to apply the rules.

    Most people are wankers. Good luck Africa. Oh hell, it IS good news. I must not be disparaging about it. You have to spray with a mask on and in certain conditions only. But you need to be able to read in order to read instructions. And you have to understand the language used.

    cyquick.wordpress.com [This blog has expired – PIBoulder]

  2. PIBoulder says:


    It worked wonderfully once in Africa in controlling outbreaks of malaria, before it was banned, and it can work again.

  3. What is the nature of international responses to health problems? What assumptions and intentions underlie aid programs? WBR LeoP

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