Unsolved infant death in Louisville

Back in March, a 10-week old infant from a family in Louisville, named Jason Midyette, died of head injuries at Denver Children’s Hospital. The parents brought Jason to the Boulder Community Hospital, saying he was lethargic. Jason was flown to Children’s Hospital. The medical examiners found many bone fractures all over his body, and a skull fracture. This triggered a criminal investigation with the Louisville police. Jason died a week later. One of the attorneys for the parents tried to explain away the bone fractures, saying that the child had a genetic disorder, called osteogenesis imperfecta, that caused his bones to break easily, from no apparent trauma.

Louisville is part of Boulder County and so comes under the jurisdiction of the Boulder County DA, Mary Lacy.

This case came to my attention when Bill O’Reilly talked about it on his evening cable TV show on Thursday. I began this blog in June, so it wasn’t something that caught my attention.

In July, the Boulder County coroner ruled the death a homocide. A careful examination was made of the infant’s body, and the parents’ claim of a genetic disease was investigated. What they found did not match the theory that the infant had osteogenesis imperfecta. The cause of death was the head injury, and it was ruled that it came from someone hitting the infant in the head with a blunt object. Strangely there were no bruises around the many limb fractures that were all over the infant’s body. That was the one oddity I haven’t heard anyone explain. It appears there was a clear pattern of abuse, and the most likely culprit is one or both parents.

What O’Reilly complained about is that to date no charges have been filed against the parents. The parents fled the area, hired separate attorneys, and both are refusing to talk to the police. This is where the case gets frustrating. According to this article no murder charges can be brought against the parents until the police determine which of the parents was involved in causing the infant’s death. Apparently no evidence has been found so far that implicates one parent or the other, or both of them. So no charges, and no arrests. If you ask me, I wonder why DA Mary Lacy has not at least gone after both parents for child neglect. Clearly both parents neglected to treat the infant’s wounds over the weeks of abuse. According to what I’ve read the only time when they brought Jason to the hospital was after the head injury that ultimately killed him.

An interesting footnote that is brought up in both articles I link to (from the Daily Camera) is that Jason Midyette’s paternal grandfather is J. Nold Midyette, an architect and businessman, who designed Boulder’s main library, and owns a part of the east end of the Downtown Mall. My suspicion is that the reason Mary Lacy is reticent to go after the parents for anything has to do with politics in Boulder. Not that I expect her to proceed with murder charges when she doesn’t have the evidence, but what about charges related to neglect? Isn’t this a solid case?

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