Boulder has a thing for Lord Of The Rings

A couple years ago I came upon an editorial in the Daily Camera where Clay Evans was talking about a letter exchange he had with a reader, discussing parallels between the Lord Of The Rings and what was happening with the Bush Administration and Iraq. I thought of it as typical Boulder quirkiness. The editor went on at length about why the reader’s interpretation of current events in the context of the Lord Of The Rings was wrong, and then went on to correct it, as though he was having a discussion about some religious text. After a while I stopped reading it. What was the point? Lord Of The Rings is fictional, and while it had architypal characters, it didn’t relate to real life. Mostly what I got from watching the movies (which were very good, by the way) was a battle of good and evil, knowing who your friends were, and the triumph of good over evil via. great personal sacrifice and transformation. A good story.

But there are some who can’t help but see current events in the context of Lord Of The Rings. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said “Frodo failed: Bush has the ring”. Wow. Er…how profound. Alright. Who’s up for forming the Fellowship of the Ring to go to Washington, D.C., sneak past the Secret Service, go into the President’s residence, get the ring from Bush, and throw it into the volcano at Mount Doom? Where’s Gandalf when you need him? (snicker) Hey, er, buddy? Come join reality…please.


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