Midyettes indicted

I’m back, at least for now. The main reason I haven’t written anything in a while is I’ve been busy with life and to boot I haven’t seen anything worth writing about in a while. Anyway, here goes.

I heard the news yesterday that Alex and Molly Midyette were indicted on child abuse charges. It’s about time. This could’ve been done last July when the County Coroner, after consultation with some of the country’s best labs, determined that the injuries were not the result of a genetic condition, as the family claimed, but were from violent abuse. It was also found that the parents were the only ones taking care of the child. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. DA Mary Lacy didn’t need a grand jury.

After the indictment the Midyettes came to the Boulder Justice Center and turned themselves in. They were held in jail for a few hours and were released on bond.

Reading the story gives me a creepy feeling about this family. It sounds as if they had a negligent disregard for the health of their child. In one part of the article it describes how they had expressed concerns to their family and friends that one of Jason’s arms was limp. There appeared to be no follow up visit to the hospital. When they finally did take Jason to the hospital when he was in dire condition, they “affectionately” nicknamed him “limp arm”, according to one doctor. This is hard to believe. No parent I know would notice the limp arm and then not follow up with a doctor’s visit at the earliest opportunity. Instead they waited until Jason’s condition worsened and he became lethargic.

One further detail has come to light. It turns out there was some bruising on Jason’s body. Earlier it had been reported that despite Jason’s injuries there were no bruises.

Here’s a post I did last year on this topic.


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