Update on CWA at Boulder High School

Geoff at “Uncommon Misconceptions” has a post on a decision that’s been made about future CWA topics/panels at BHS. It sounds like students will still get the first vote on what topics will be discussed, but there will be more oversight by teachers, parents, and administrators, with the criteria being that “district policy will be followed”. Superintendent Garcia released a report last month saying that district policy for ensuring balance for controversial topics was violated the last go-around.

I had a feeling this is what was going to happen. We’ll see how the new system works. If all goes well then no news will be good news.

If I got to weigh in on this (which I don’t), I’d let the students pick the topics, but let teachers and parents pick the panelists. Apparently what’s happened in the past is students picked the topics and the panelists, which led to what they got in April, and caused such a furor. There was a “faculty advisor” providing oversight before. I wonder what they did. Either they approved of the panelists or weren’t paying much attention.


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