Iraq improving – Op-Ed in NY Times

August 1, 2007

I heard about this yesterday. Two New York Times critics of the Iraq war say after a recent visit that Iraq is improving, and that the predominantly Sunni area of Iraq (Anbar Province) has joined the Kurdish region in the north in the distinction of being one of the most stable areas of Iraq. Anbar used to be the most troublesome area. Al Qaeda was gaining strength and allies. Today the Sunni and Shia leaders there are crippling Al Qaeda! Secondly, there’s not a “whack-a-mole” problem anymore in Anbar. From what they say, areas are being secured, and they stay secured.

The one area where they noted Iraq really needs to improve is the Iraqi government. They’re still squabbling amongst themselves. This needs to move to reconciliation and compromise.

Still, the two columnists were impressed, and closed by saying that the current strategy should be continued “at least into 2008”.

I’m glad for once to be hearing some good news come out of there. I wasn’t saying much about it, partly because I’ve been busy with other things in life, but I was also holding my breath, waiting to see if something good would come out of the surge. I am very happy at the moment that we seem to be turning the tables on the insurgents. Unfortunately I’ve learned enough about this war to know that Murphy’s Law might apply here: “If you feel happy, don’t worry. It’ll pass.” The insurgency has shown itself to be very resilient, and will likely try other strategies to screw Iraq up. This war isn’t over yet.