Where have you been?

January 29, 2008

I haven’t posted in a good while. The reason is I’ve been out of state since December and have been extremely busy. There have been topics I’ve wanted to keep up on but missed the opportunity because my own life has been like a whirlwind.

There was the Midyette case, which I hear has come to a resolution, though I haven’t researched it yet. I’ll definitely write something about this when I get around to it.

There was also the adverse possession/land grab case in Boulder. I haven’t had too much interest in this topic. I understand it’s scary to contemplate, but in my view it’s also pretty dry stuff. I remember years ago hearing about the legal concept of tenant land ownership, which adverse possession falls into, if I’m not mistaken. The basic idea of tenant land ownership is that even though you technically own the land and paid money for it, the state can take it away from you under certain conditions, including if you “abandon” your land. There’s a saying in this area of law: “use it, or lose it.” I haven’t looked at this story much, but maybe I’ll write up something more on it if it looks interesting to me.

I have a couple other topics I’ll be posting about soon.