JonBenet’s family cleared of crime

The AP today gave us news that John, Patsy, and JonBenet’s brother Burke were cleared of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey through a new DNA testing technique called “touch DNA”. The article says that some years back a blood stain on JonBenet’s underwear had DNA that did not match anyone in the family. What’s intriguing is the new “touch DNA” that’s been found matches the DNA of the blood stain. If this evidence is conclusive (I have a little doubt), then it adds a lot more weight to the theory that an intruder killed her. The lab where the newest test was done found the “touch DNA” where the attacker would have grasped her long underwear to pull it down.

The Boulder DA’s office released a statement apologizing profusely to the Ramsey family for putting them under a cloud of suspicion for more than a decade. John Ramsey expressed regret that his late wife Patsy was not alive to see this vindication.

The Boulder DA, Mary Lacy, said now that there is this preponderance of evidence, DNA databases can be scoured to see if a match to the real killer can be found. If this case could be wrapped up it would be a real victory. The embarrassment of the John Mark Karr affair was making me think we’d probably never find the killer, because it was more evidence that our crime authorities were acting like the Keystone Cops (no offense to the city of Keystone).

2 Responses to JonBenet’s family cleared of crime

  1. island says:

    Anybody that buys the hype that this somehow clears John and Patsy of involvement in their daughter’s death is either… one of their friends, or family.

    Does nobody else smell a rat with money?

  2. PIBoulder says:


    Well I guess DA Mary Lacy is a friend of the family then. I don’t buy the idea that this all happened because of money. If that were the case the Boulder authorities wouldn’t have gone after the Ramseys at all. Look at what happened with the Midyette case. It took more than a year for the DA to even look with suspicion upon the family, and one could argue a reason she did move against the family was because of public pressure. The Midyettes are a prominent family in the area. The murdered baby’s grandfather is an architect that built a few landmark buildings in Boulder, and owns a part of the lucrative Downtown Boulder district.

    The DAs might’ve made a difference. Alex Hunter was the DA here when the JonBenet murder happened. Our DA now is Mary Lacy.

    There is another more plausible explanation for what we saw happen with the JonBenet case, if anyone wants to speculate about alterior motives. Before Mary Lacy became DA she had a history of being lenient as a prosecutor against child sex predators. Something that perhaps a lot of people don’t know is that there’s evidence to suggest JonBenet was sexually abused long before the murder happened, though none of this evidence was pursued by the Boulder authorities. A lot of times as a prosecutor Lacy would settle with sex offenders out of court, and they would get probation. The only explanation given was that she didn’t want to put the child through the trauma of being a witness against the assailant in a court trial, but I do wonder if she somehow sympathizes with the child predators. It’s strange to even think such thoughts, because I can’t believe anyone in that position would have such sympathies, On the other hand DA Lacy was more aggressive about pursuing rape charges against the CU football team when women came forward about that. It’s hard to explain. I’m not going to try.

    A question that lingers in my mind is how come they found “touch DNA” on JonBenet’s long underwear, but found nothing identifiable on the paint stirrer or the flashlight that was used to assault JonBenet? I remember that about the case. There were no fingerprints on either of those items, suggesting that the attacker might have been wearing gloves. Either that or else they were cognizant enough to wipe those items clean before leaving the crime scene. I suppose the latter could be an explanation for the discrepancy.

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