Boulder mayor to serve in the Obama Administration

True to form, the Obama Administration has hired Boulder Mayor Shaun McGrath to serve as deputy director in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. Apparently the job of the Office is to maintain a communication channel between the Executive Branch and the nation’s governors. McGrath has already served as program director for the Western Governors Association. So one can see where the job fits.

I can’t remember the last time someone from Boulder was selected, though, for a position in any administration, and I’ve lived in/had connections in Boulder since 1980. Normally Boulder is considered a backwater of politics, where the fringe hangs out. Politicians and lobbyists from Boulder, when going to the state capitol, used to avoid saying they were from here as much as possible, because revealing it made them pariahs. Politically not much about Boulder has changed, though the state certainly has. Since I think that most people in this country don’t know what they got when they elected Obama, I still wonder how they’ll take to the people he’s selected, and his decision-making.


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