The Alex Midyette trial

Perhaps you have forgotten about this. It’s an old story by now. Jason Midyette, a 9-week-old infant died in the hospital in 2006 from massive head trauma. The Boulder DA’s office dragged its feet for more than a year before bringing charges. Molly Midyette, the mother, was tried and convicted in late 2007 of allowing child abuse resulting in death. Alex Midyette’s trial was delayed. The venue was changed. It just recently got under way. He is charged with inflicting the abuse that caused the infant’s death. It’s looking like a short affair. From the headlines I’ve been reading lately it sounds like it’s almost over.

The Daily Camera has been keeping a legal blog of the Alex Midyette trial. From what I heard at the time, the Camera’s blog coverage of Molly’s trial was excellent.


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