Oh. My. God. They really are this crazy

I just heard that there is serious talk within the Obama Administration of setting up an “artificial volcano” to spew artificial pollution into the upper atmosphere in order to prevent global warming. The President’s science advisor is the one who said this. I said to myself, “Come on. This is a joke, right?” No, it isn’t. (h/t to Tammy Bruce)

I vaguely remember hearing about similar proposals in the 1990s, such as spewing dark particulate matter into the upper atmosphere to block the Sun’s energy, or spreading a sulphuric compound up there to reflect the Sun’s energy back into space. But then someone else said the latter would create acid rain, which has deleterious effects on plant life, and generally has a corrosive effect on stone and metal structures. So toss that one.

These people have no idea what they’re contemplating. The Earth is huge. The atmosphere has a massive volume. I feel like this is coming from people who have watched too many children’s cartoons where such solutions can just miraculously materialize in about a minute and take a minute to deploy. Creating something of the massive scale necessary to carry this off is mind boggling. It’s insane and megalomaniacal to seriously think that they can pull this off single-handedly.

Secondly they seem to forget the currently accepted science, which shows that because of the pollution that we and other industrialized/industrializing countries around the world are already putting into the atmosphere the Sun is “dimming”. This is causing a drop in humidity levels around the world, due to a drop in the evaporation of water, which is caused by photons hitting it. This in itself has the effect of somewhat cooling the planet. Water vapor is THE primary greenhouse gas. Even if the Obama Administration did manage to pull off this “geoengineering” experiment they would be making this problem worse.

A second, and I would say slightly more realistic proposal, is setting up “artificial trees” that would absorb CO2. I would say this proposal is probably friendlier to the environment, but again, seriously, how many of these “trees” would have to be “planted” to cause the kind of sequestration they’re looking for? Again, it sounds like a massive project. I bet it would be a boon to the manufacturer that got it! Hey, don’t knock it. It would create jobs for a while.

I’m just shocked that there are members of our elite who I am now convinced really believe the propaganda that human-caused global warming exists and is a real threat to the world. What a pathetic statement this is on the state of our civilization.


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