Sarah Palin resigns as governor

This was shocking news to me yesterday, though not entirely unexpected. I was hearing a month or two ago that the legal bills of the Palin family were rising, due to political opponents filing lawsuits against them on a regular basis. Some wondered how long she could hold on to her job since the lawsuits were draining the family’s finances, and it looked like they could go bankrupt. Her brother said that Palin confided to him that she and her staff were spending 80% of their time fighting ethics complaints filed by her opponents. Fifteen ethics complaints have been filed, and dismissed, obviously frivolous. Ironically, her opponents used an ethics law that Palin championed against her. She said in her speech that it costs nothing for anyone to file an ethics complaint, according to the law. She innocently handed her opponents all the weaponry they needed to bring her down.

I thought about this yesterday, and while I admire her and hate the fact that she’s been besieged by vicious political opponents, I have to say that this result causes doubts for me about Palin’s prospects for higher office in the near term. She walked into a political trap and the only way she could find her way out of it was to resign. This does not speak well for her political judgment. She can learn from this and learn to avoid this sort of thing in the future, but she needs to become more politically savvy before she can even think about being president someday, if that’s what she wants to do.


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