Oh. My. God. They really are this crazy — Part 2

This is a sequel post to Oh. My God. They really are this crazy.

I just happened to find this from Fox News today, thanks to BreitBart TV:

Say what?? Van Jones signs a petition saying that former president George W. Bush probably knew about the 9/11 attacks and allowed them to happen. For those of you who don’t know, Van Jones is President Obama’s “green jobs” czar. He’s an advisor to the President…and he at the very least entertains conspiracy theories. At worst, he believes them. I think Charles Krauthammer is right. This is a serious matter. This isn’t the first time that a public official in our government has had paranoid delusions. President Nixon believed that the Democratic Party was undermining his administration and therefor the U.S. government (funny how he put those two together, eh?). He used this as justification for the Watergate break-in that he ordered and then tried to cover up, roping the FBI and the CIA into his scheme before it was all over. We should not tolerate this in our government. Granted, Van Jones is not someone with a lot of power, but the President needs people around him who will give him their sound judgment and accurate information. Based on his actions, Jones cannot be counted on to serve the President well in either capacity. He should go, or rather, be replaced.


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