Cheney prods Obama to make a decision on Afghanistan

October 22, 2009

Cheney at Center for Security Policy dinner

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Obama is amateur in chief, but you knew that, didn’t you?

October 22, 2009

After Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden said in 2008 that Obama was not ready to be president, after Obama’s supporters said again and again and again that they could not name a single accomplishment that Obama had made prior to running for president (but they loved his speeches), the truth is beginning to show, and Obama doesn’t like it. Republicans stated a good point as well during the campaign last year: The presidency is not appropriate for on-the-job training.

Sure, every new president has to get up to speed about what the job entails, but most of the presidents we’ve had had some grounding in how to manage their end of the political process, which lowered the slope of the learning curve for them. Obama doesn’t have that. He’s made some mistakes, and he’s continuing to make them, but he doesn’t want to admit it. He wants the public to believe that everything has gone to plan. He’s trying to distract us from the truth by making Fox News the whipping boy. It’s what incompetent bosses do. I know, because I worked under one.

It’s also clear that Obama seeks to “right wrongs”, “to bring justice” to situations he thinks need to be corrected. He sets himself against “foes” that he feels he must defeat, and they come from all corners. He does a poor job of picking his battles in the public’s interest. Before long, if he keeps this up, he will feel beset by enemies, not to mention the American people.

Instead of coming clean, saying he’s made some mistakes and he’ll try to serve us better, he’s picking on an organization that in terms of power is beneath him, Fox News. This speaks to his own internal sense of inadequacy, which must be eating at him. He’s a bully, plain and simple. Obama is clearly worried that he’s losing credibility with the American people, so he’s doing what bullies always do (because they have nothing else): They pick on someone defenseless, who’s an easy mark, to make themselves look more powerful and prestigious to those who will buy the ruse.

Obama began going against Fox in August, at the beginning of the health care debate in the public. Instead of strengthening his position his actions are showing that he’s not up for the job. He’s making political mistakes that past administrations have already made, which he should’ve learned from.

I appreciated O’Reilly’s analysis of the situation. If the Obama Administration believes it’s productive to go to war with Fox News “they are dunderheads,” he says. Well…they’re showing themselves to be just that, unfortunately.

Charles Krauthammer commented on Anita Dunn’s use of Mao Tse Tung in her commencement speech to some high school students in June. His conclusion is the same as mine. Apparently she’s ignorant of who Mao Tse Tung was and what he did, and her subsequent actions vis a vis Fox News have shown her to be an immature fool.

I say these words of criticism in frustration. I’m not saying these things to bring the Obama Administration down. As far as I’m concerned they’re doing that to themselves. I’m just adding an exclamation mark to what they have put out, which speaks for itself.

I would not be the least surprised, based on this obvious attempt to distract, and cover for incompetence, if down the road Obama does something criminal against one of his opponents and attempts to cover it up. Why do I say this? It scares me that Obama is this thin skinned. Think about this. We have another 3 years to go with him, and he’s already paranoid that his incompetence will be revealed for all to see. He has an agenda he wants to carry out and he apparently thinks that Fox News is trying to stop him.

He has already taken actions to intimidate other news organizations, basically suggesting that they continue their adulation of our “dear leader”, as they did during the campaign of 2008, for their own good. Here’s the thing. All of the news networks have a bottom line. If they do as the Obama Administration suggests, they will be committing suicide. Many of them are self-destructing already. Are they really going to deny themselves an audience on purpose, and further sacrifice their credibility? I think this speaks to the Obama Administration’s total lack of understanding of how markets work, and there is a market for credible, reliable information. People will go along with propaganda so long as it doesn’t affect them, but Obama is a fool to believe that people will deny themselves information on things that affect their lives, for his benefit. People in Chicago may be ignorant and co-dependent enough to do that, but America is not Chicago.

I’ll end with Maynard’s take (at on the White House’s war on Fox News, because he adds some insights.

How Democrats see the current health care system

October 1, 2009

I heard about Rep. Alan Grayson’s slam on the “Republican health care plan” yesterday:

As luck would have it I was going through some old college newspapers I had saved from years ago and I happened upon this ad for a horror movie that came out in 1992, called “Dr. Giggles”:

Dr. Giggles ad

Note the teaser: “If you’re from Moorehigh and you get sick, fall on your knees and pray you die quick”…just like Rep. Grayson says in his speech.

This seems like a perfect parody of how Democrats view the current health care system. In one scene the demented doctor finds a victim under some sheets in bed, and says just as he pulls out his scalpel (weapon), “I hope you have protection”. What delicious irony!

Now, this is yet another attempt by the Democrats to take the attention off of their own infighting, and demagogue the Republicans. It’s the oldest Democratic trick in the book: It’s all someone else’s fault. But the pretext to this attack is a Democratic conceit: The health care system is a money-grubbing business that will eat you alive if you fall into its clutches, and the Democrats are here to save you from this evil system.

But who created this evil system? If you really look at it from a systemic perspective, the problem was created by a mindset which believes that the government and big institutions should ensure that we all have access to health care, while at the same time making it open season on this medical system in our courts. It has in fact been an example of why planned economies don’t work. While they have promised access for all, what they neglect to tell us are the consequences of this scheme: Increasing demand for an artificially restricted resource, and increasing pressure on this resource from people who want to play “jackpot” in the courts. It’s also restricted our choices in health insurance, creating captive markets that are easy to exploit. It contributes to higher costs for all who participate in the medical system.

What the Democrats ultimately seek to do is to create a “political economy”, one where prices for precious commodities like health care are not determined by a competitive market where supply and demand are constantly balanced against each other, but rather by what interest groups think medical care should cost. You heard me right. This is a big “camel’s nose under the tent” for price controls. Never mind what doctors or medical suppliers think. According to the Democrats they’re part of the problem!

At the root of it all is a belief that capitalism has failed (another Democratic conceit: Blaming capitalism for the failure of their own initiatives!), and that government should take its place (want some more??). This is the same belief system that prevailed during the Great Depression under FDR. Price controls came into existence and persisted into the 1970s. Finally in the 1980s price controls were seen as the failure that they were, and were abolished. It remains to be seen if we will remember our history and reject such failed policy regimes. This returns us to an old “Reaganism”: Government is not the solution to the problem. It is the problem!