How Democrats see the current health care system

I heard about Rep. Alan Grayson’s slam on the “Republican health care plan” yesterday:

As luck would have it I was going through some old college newspapers I had saved from years ago and I happened upon this ad for a horror movie that came out in 1992, called “Dr. Giggles”:

Dr. Giggles ad

Note the teaser: “If you’re from Moorehigh and you get sick, fall on your knees and pray you die quick”…just like Rep. Grayson says in his speech.

This seems like a perfect parody of how Democrats view the current health care system. In one scene the demented doctor finds a victim under some sheets in bed, and says just as he pulls out his scalpel (weapon), “I hope you have protection”. What delicious irony!

Now, this is yet another attempt by the Democrats to take the attention off of their own infighting, and demagogue the Republicans. It’s the oldest Democratic trick in the book: It’s all someone else’s fault. But the pretext to this attack is a Democratic conceit: The health care system is a money-grubbing business that will eat you alive if you fall into its clutches, and the Democrats are here to save you from this evil system.

But who created this evil system? If you really look at it from a systemic perspective, the problem was created by a mindset which believes that the government and big institutions should ensure that we all have access to health care, while at the same time making it open season on this medical system in our courts. It has in fact been an example of why planned economies don’t work. While they have promised access for all, what they neglect to tell us are the consequences of this scheme: Increasing demand for an artificially restricted resource, and increasing pressure on this resource from people who want to play “jackpot” in the courts. It’s also restricted our choices in health insurance, creating captive markets that are easy to exploit. It contributes to higher costs for all who participate in the medical system.

What the Democrats ultimately seek to do is to create a “political economy”, one where prices for precious commodities like health care are not determined by a competitive market where supply and demand are constantly balanced against each other, but rather by what interest groups think medical care should cost. You heard me right. This is a big “camel’s nose under the tent” for price controls. Never mind what doctors or medical suppliers think. According to the Democrats they’re part of the problem!

At the root of it all is a belief that capitalism has failed (another Democratic conceit: Blaming capitalism for the failure of their own initiatives!), and that government should take its place (want some more??). This is the same belief system that prevailed during the Great Depression under FDR. Price controls came into existence and persisted into the 1970s. Finally in the 1980s price controls were seen as the failure that they were, and were abolished. It remains to be seen if we will remember our history and reject such failed policy regimes. This returns us to an old “Reaganism”: Government is not the solution to the problem. It is the problem!

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