Lifting the veil of the Left

I watched the conversation between David Horowitz and Pat Caddell at the 2009 Restoration Weekend, talking about the “insides” of the Democratic Party, and how it’s been taken over by neo-Marxists and crooks. (Update 12/1/2014: I had the video of this here for a while, but it looks like it’s now gone. Too bad. It was a very interesting conversation.)

What I found impressive about it is how explicitly they explained the general pattern we’ve seen of Democrats “saying one thing and doing another.” It isn’t just the same old thing where “politicians lie.” There’s a specific strategy behind it with an end game, and it’s not just to get around the “greedy capitalist Republicans” so that help can be delivered to those who need it. It’s to gain and maintain power for these neo-Marxists by making the citizenry dependent on them. The big lie of the Left is that they are doing these things to help the downtrodden. No, they are doing these things to help themselves, all the while saying, “It’s all for you.” The more dependent the citizenry is on Democratic governance, the longer they can have jobs and stay in power. That’s the idea, anyway. According to Horowitz, (I heard this from him in an interview) the neo-Marxists don’t give a damn whether their programs are sustainable. They don’t even think about that.

Now, I am sure that there are many, many Democrats who have been supporting Democratic proposals in the last year out of a selfless love for the downtrodden. I hate to break it to you, but you’re being used. Simply saying that is not going to be satisfactory to many. I only hope that some of you become aware of what you have been involved in at some point (these will be people with long memories and critical minds), and realize what I am saying here. Just hold the thought for a while. You don’t have to accept it as true right now.

What Horowitz and Caddell have made explicit is an idea that Jonah Goldberg laid out at this same event (at a different talk), which is that the powerful far left wing of the Democratic Party has been trying for the past year to turn the U.S. into a client state, which means that every American would be a client of the government for many of our important needs, such as health care. What’s interesting is that they have so far not been able to pull this off, even though they had a super-majority. The far left is powerful in the Democratic Party, but there are also enough centrists in the party to moderate what happens. The Republicans have largely been powerless up until this past Thursday. What’s ironic is that the Democrats helped elect these centrists so that the far left could rise to leadership. They wouldn’t have gotten where they are without them. They’ve tried as hard as they could to shove their crap through the legislative process, but they haven’t been able to do more damage than they’ve already done with the “stimulus” bills they’ve passed, and their outrageous yearly budgets. That’s a consolation, and I wish I could say things were better than this. As things stand now we’re headed for “stagflation,” a lethargic economy that will not produce that many jobs, and rising interest rates and inflation, which will make everyone poorer. Plenty of change, without hope.

Yep. The “zeros” have turned out to be almost a repeat of the 1960s and 70s, just without the social revolution, and the amazing technological innovation and exploration. Maybe that’s yet to come.

In case anyone’s interested, Horowitz referred to


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