Being inspired by our legacy

I saw this Saturday night. Wow! I’ve been saying I don’t listen to Glenn Beck often, but I guess I have lately. Time will tell if that continues. He was on fire with this speech. Very inspiring. This last part brought tears to my eyes.

He tells a bit of the story of the Statue of Liberty that really does change the character of it. Ken Burns did a short documentary on it many years ago. What I remember him saying was that the statue was commissioned at the end of the Civil War, and that it was meant to be a symbol of unity between the North and the South. He might have even said the passage about the “huddled masses” “yearning to breath free” was a message directed at the South, which had been destroyed by the war. I forget. Beck was reading the Emma Lazarus poem that’s inscribed on a plaque, inside the statue’s pedestal.

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