“Climate change” is about global governance

I’ve known for a while now that all the talk about the “science” of global warming was more politics than science, though recently I’ve begun to see that it has more to do with a power grab by politicians, here and abroad, and global corporations, than anything that’s going on in the scientific community, though that’s all most of us see. Glenn Beck laid out a nice summary of the people and organizations who are driving this on his show on May 12.

For more in-depth information on what Beck was talking about, here’s “Global Warming or Global Governance?”, produced by Sovereignty International in 2007. It’s 1 hour 20 minutes.

The first 50 minutes of the video presents the scientific skeptics’ perspective on the issue, and it does a nice job, though the editing was rather choppy. The last half-hour talks about the international political agenda that is under way. The intent is to create an extra-governmental power structure of corporate, government, and non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) interests that will “guide” the U.S. and governments of cooperating nations according to their agenda.

Interestingly, China and India have refused to join in. India has looked at the science and finds it wanting. China and India understand that to join would crimp their economic growth, and so there’s no incentive for them to politicize the issue. Despite what the politicians here say, this doesn’t have to do with economic growth. That’s just to sell it. It’s about power.

I think the video is correct in calling this scheme a form of fascism. It doesn’t have to look like Mussolini’s Italy or Hitler’s Germany. It’s apparent to me that what our government has been doing since the financial collapse of 2008 is forming mutually dependent partnerships between itself and large corporations. The idea being that each will support the other. Jonah Goldberg explained it quite well with his analysis of “liberal fascism.”

What I’ve learned about the basics of fascism over the years is it’s a kind of socialism. There’s a “marriage” between government and corporations. Corporations are allowed an illusion of autonomy. The government doesn’t run them day to day. There are chief executives for that, but the government sets all the rules for different types of corporations in how they may operate. Chief executives exercise no decision-making authority. They’re bureaucrats, in effect. Their job is to implement the government’s plan for their type of business. As an example, this is what just happened to the health insurers in the recent massive “health insurance reform” legislation. The government plan for them is set to go into effect in full in 2014. Next up is the banking reform bill, which will set up the same type of government controls over banks in the consumer loans market. Banks used to be pressured by politicians and “community organizing” thugs into making loans to people who could not afford to pay them back. Now a government agency will force banks to make these loans. Yeah, this is what led to the financial collapse of 2008, but the Democrats are convinced it was the credit-default swaps that acted as insurance against the mortgage-backed securities that were the problem, not the millions of mortgage defaults.

When “Global Warming or Global Governance?” got into the politics of the global warming issue I started to think, “Uh oh, we’re entering conspiracy theory territory.” Fortunately this is just a blip in what’s otherwise a nicely documented argument. It gives a more down-to-earth view of what this idea of global governance really means, giving shape and form to it. I think Glenn Beck hit the nail on the head: If “climate control” legislation goes through, it’ll mean that gradually over time our government is going to grow more and more distant from us. It will be a functionary of international interests, which in some part will be ours, but it will also carry out actions that are not in our interest, but that of other people in other nations. Its appearance will not change. We’ll still elect our president and representatives, but more and more they will not be able to act according to the wishes of their constituents, no matter how often we vote them out of office for ignoring us. The slates of candidates who have the resources to win office will also likely be heavily influenced by this internationalist agenda, because of all the money that will be amassed to fund it through the cap & trade system, since the corporations involved are allowed to donate money to campaigns. One thing’s for sure. What will be promoted will not be free markets, republicanism, or democracy. It will be an elitist agenda designed to carry out the dreams of the people who are running the supranational institutions. There will be some sense of helping out the less fortunate, but let’s not kid ourselves. There will be a heavy dose of graft and exploitation, because when power is amassed it gets abused. That’s just how human nature works.

What’s apparent right now is the federal government is fishing for a way to raise massive amounts of revenue to finance its social spending. I found it interesting that in one of the clips with Al Gore he said that “getting revenue from taxing income is outmoded.” So what’s going to replace it? The idea of a Value-Added Tax (VAT) was floated recently, and the prospect of cap & trade legislation (now called “The American Power Act”) is on the horizon. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is sure going to add fuel to that!

The VAT has been used in Europe to finance their social programs which are much larger than ours, presently. Europe has also implemented a cap & trade system for several years now. It’s resulted in a small number of elites becoming billionaires, essentially on the backs of ordinary people and industry (anyone who uses energy), but that’s all it’s accomplished. Their CO2 output has increased since it was implemented, not least because the program had become so compromised by financial interests that it didn’t translate the revenue into building energy sources that could fully replace power plants that use fossil fuels. The EU nations agreed to the Kyoto Protocol, but most of them never came close to meeting the targets. The combination of the VAT, cap & trade, growing government debt in EU nations, and a highly regulated corporate environment has led to anemic economic growth. They’re now facing economic collapse, because their real estate bubble was larger than ours when it burst, and they cannot grow their way out of the crisis with their current system. They’re facing the ruination of the Euro, and possibly the idea of the EU itself.

Strangely enough our own elites seem intent on following Europe’s lead. One wonders why. Maybe an old saw I used to hear about Democrats by Republicans that I used to not believe would explain it: “They want us all to be equally poor.” Of course, they don’t want poverty for themselves. For you see, they know how to live a lavish lifestyle while being friendly to the Earth. You don’t, obviously. Therefor you must have your wealth taken away from you. Freedom, free markets, the republic, have all been dreadful mistakes, like nuclear weapons. They must be limited or eliminated, according to the dictates of wiser people who must be free to manage large resources (this includes you), and who are only accountable to other “wise ones”. But fear not. The state will take care of you so you won’t need your wealth.

This is all delusional, of course, driven by a desire to return to “the good old days” of the Great Depression, WW II, the 50s and 60s, when government was big and powerful, the top tax bracket took the majority of the the wealthy’s yearly income, and corporations worked in partnership with government to try to maintain a desirable level of employment, rising pay, a rising standard of living, and lessening discrimination in society. All noble goals, but the world, not to mention the government’s fiscal situation, has changed since then. However, some people never learn. If they succeed in going through with their societal “mid-life crisis” it’s not going to be pleasant.


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