Colorado election results

November 9, 2010

Hello. Well, I haven’t posted anything since July, which is reflective of how busy I’ve been with other aspects of my life. This happened a couple years ago as well. Matters in my extended family intruded in a big way and I just couldn’t devote the time to blogging. Well I’m back for the time being. I’ve been lining up some material to talk about, and I hope to do that fairly soon, but anything could happen.

This last election was a blowout for the Democrats by historical measurements. It is the biggest change of seats in congress in about 60 years. The interesting thing is the progressives in congress weren’t affected much. Their constituents thought they were doing what they were supposed to do. The Democrats who got the boot, and were replaced by Republicans, were the moderate “blue dogs” who capitulated to the progressives on the health care bill, and were considering voting with them on Cap & Trade. Ah, well they served their purpose. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the reason the Democrats ran conservatives in conservative districts was so that the progressives could rule over both houses of congress. “Mission Accomplished,” as it were. They used their narrow window of opportunity to ram through as much overbearing government legislation as they could before conservatives fed up with overspending Republicans figured out they had been had by even worse spenders who wanted to take another bit of their freedom away. The Democrats who’ve been kicked out now have cushy jobs in the private sector as rewards for their patronage, last I heard.

Colorado didn’t participate in the Tea Party revolt. Republicans defeated two Democratic incumbents in House races, so now they hold 4 out of 7 of our House seats. We re-elected Bill Bennett, the Democratic senator who was appointed when Ken Salazar took his position as Interior Secretary. We elected John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, to replace our Democratic governor, Bill Ritter, who decided to not run for a second term. The governorship was within reach, but the progressives in Colorado did a real number on conservatives in the governor’s race, but it’s hard to say they didn’t deserve it for running less than stellar candidates. They played the Republicans like a fiddle. The only bright spot was that we re-elected our Republican Attorney General so that he can continue to fight Obamacare in the courts. Republicans also won Secretary of State and Treasurer. That was the highlight. Oh, and Republicans now have a slight majority in the state house, but Democrats still control the state senate.